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Sample New York Supreme Court Parenting Plan (for educational purpose only …not to be used in litigation)








Plaintiff,                                                                                 Index No.








This Plan is:   q Proposed by Plaintiff.   q Proposed by Defendant.





Full Name                                                                                                                               Date of Birth                          Gender






2.1       Weekday and Weekend Schedule.


Our child[ren] will be in the care of                                             (list days of

(name of parent)                              

week and times):                                                                                         












Our child[ren] will be in the care of                                                 (list days

(other parent’s name)

of week and times):                                                                                   








2.2       Summer Schedule.


Choose One:

q   The schedule described above in Section 2.1 will continue throughout

the summer except that                                                                              







q   The schedule for time with our child[ren] will be different during the

summer than it is in the winter (describe below):


Our child[ren] will be in the care of                                        (list

   (name of parent)

days of the week and times):                                                                    







Our child[ren] will be in care of                                            (list days

(other parent’s name)

of the week and times):                                                                             






2.3       Holiday Schedule.



The following holiday schedule will take priority over the regular weekday, weekend, and summer schedules discussed above.  If a holiday is not specified as even, odd or every year with one parent, then our child[ren] will remain with the parent they are normally scheduled to be with.


Check One or Both:

q   When parents are using an alternating weekend plan and the holiday schedule would result in one parent having the child[ren] for three weekends in a row, the alternating weekend pattern will restart, so neither parent will go without having the child[ren] for more than two weekends in a row.


q   If a parent has our child[ren] on a weekend with an unspecified holiday or non-school day attached, they shall have our child[ren] for the holiday or non-school day.


Fill in the blanks below with the parent’s name to indicate where the child[ren] will be for the holidays.  Provide beginning and ending times.



Holidays                   Even Years               Odd Years       Every Year Beginning/Ending Times


Mother’s Day                                                                                                                                    


Father’s Day                                                                                                                                                 


Thanksgiving                                                                                                 For Thanksgiving,

Christmas Eve,

Christmas Eve                                                                                                                                                                                                         Christmas, New

Year’s Eve, and

Christmas                                                                                                                  New Year’s, PROVIDE


New Year’s Eve                                                                                                                                                                                                       BELOW in SECTIONS

2.4 and 2.5

New Year’s                                                                                                              


Martin Luther                                                                                                                                     

King Day


President’s Day                                                                                                                               




Memorial Day                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Fourth of July                                                                                                                                    


Labor Day                                                                                                                                                     




Veteran’s Day                                                                                                                                  









2.4       Thanksgiving.   Details for sharing time with the child[ren] during this holiday are:                                                                                               





2.5       Winter Break (Christmas, New Year’s, and School Vacation).


Choose One:

q   Our child[ren] will be in the care of each parent according to the schedule described in Section 2.1.




q   Our child[ren] will spend half of Winter Break with each parent on a schedule that is consistent with the alternating holidays described above.




q   Other:  Details for sharing time with the child[ren] during Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day and school vacation are:










2.6       Spring Break.


Choose One:

q   Our child[ren] will be in the care of each parent according to the schedule described in Section 2.1.




q   Our child[ren] will alternate spending spring break with each parent (indicate which parent).

With                                       in even years.


With                                       in odd years.




q   Our child[ren] will spend half of spring break with each parent (provide details):                                                                                                      





2.7       Child[ren]’s Birthdays.


Choose One:

q   Our child[ren] will be in the care of each parent according to the schedule described in Sections 2.1 and 2.2.




q   Our child[ren]’s birthdays will be planned so that both parents participate in the birthday celebration.




q   Our child[ren] will celebrate birthdays according to the following plan (indicate which parent has the child[ren], and any other important details.:









2.8       Other Holiday and Vacations.   Details for sharing time with the child[ren] during other holidays or vacation are:                                        







2.9       Number of Overnights.


Our schedule for sharing time with our child[ren] results in our child[ren] spending            overnights in the home of                              (name of one parent) and            overnights in the home of                                  (name of other parent).



2.10    Primary Residence (Optional).


q   We agree that our child[ren] shall primarily reside with

                                       (name of one parent).


q   We agree that neither residence shall be considered the “primary” residence.”



2.11    Alternate Care (Optional).


q   We choose not to specify arrangements for alternate care.


q   Our arrangements for alternate care are:                                           






2.12    Temporary Changes to the Schedule.


Any schedule for sharing time with our child[ren] may be changed as long as both parents agree to the changes ahead of time q in writing OR

q verbally (choose one).




Activities scheduled during the other parent’s time must be coordinated with the other parent.


Makeup and Missed Parenting Time:   Only substantial medical reasons will be considered sufficient for postponement of parenting time.  If a child is ill and unable to spend time with a parent, a makeup parenting time will be scheduled.  If a parent fails to have the child[ren] during their scheduled parenting time for any other reason, there will be no makeup

of parenting time unless the parties agree otherwise q in writing.



2.13    Permanent Changes to the Schedule.


We understand that, once the judge signs the final judgment in our case and approves this Parenting Plan, any changes that we do not agree on can be made only by applying to the court and proving that there has been a “change in circumstance.”


Before applying to the court, we understand that we can agree to try to resolve our dispute through mediation or other means.





3.1       Day-to-Day Decisions.


Each parent will make day-to-day decisions regarding the care and control of our child[ren] during the time they are caring for our child[ren].  This includes any emergency decisions affecting the health or safety of our child[ren].



3.2.      Major Decisions.


Major decisions include, but are not limited to, decisions about our child[ren]’s education, non-emergency healthcare, religious training, and extracurricular activities, including summer camp and the need for tutoring.


Choose One:

q                                                             (parent’s name) shall have sole decision-making authority on major decisions about our child[ren].  This arrangement is known by the courts as Sole Custody,





q   Both parents will share in the responsibility for making major decisions about our child[ren].  This arrangement is known by the courts as Joint Custody.



AND   (Choose One).

q                                      (Parent’s name) shall always consult with the other parent prior to making major decisions.

q                                      (Parent’s name) shall have the option to consult with the other parent prior to making major decisions.




q   Other – – Describe how major decisions will be handled; including dividing the responsibility for major decisions between the parents according to each parent’s strengths/weaknesses:










Unless there is court order stating otherwise:


Both parents are entitled to important information regarding our child[ren] including but not limited to, our child[ren]’s current address and telephone number, education, medical, governmental agency, psychological and law enforcement records.


Information about our child[ren]’s progress in school and any school activity is equally available to both parents.  Both parents are encouraged to consult with school staff concerning our child[ren]’s welfare and education.


Both parents will immediately notify each other regarding any emergency circumstances or substantial changes in the health of our child[ren].



Both parents will provide each other with contact numbers and addresses and will notify each other of any change in that information within 72 hours of such a change.  If either parent takes our child[ren] from their usual place of residence, they will provide the other parent with an emergency contact phone number.





5.1       Neither parent shall relocate outside his/her immediate vicinity without the prior permission of the other parent or an order of the court.



5.2       Other:   q                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   





Choose One:

q   Both parents and child[ren] shall have the right to communicate by telephone, in writing or by e-mail during reasonable hours without interference

or monitoring by the other parent.




q   Procedures for telephone, written or e-mail access (describe how access will work):                                                                                                                     









7.1       Choose One:

q   Both parents will share equally in the responsibility of exchanging our child[ren] from one parent to the other while parents continue to reside in the same locale.




q   Procedures for exchanging our child[ren] (provide details):








7.2       Both parents shall have the child[ren] ready on time with sufficient clothing packed and ready at the agreed-upon time of the exchange.


All clothing that accompanied our child[ren] shall be returned to the other parent.





Parents will not say things or knowingly allow others to say things in the presence of our child[ren] that would take away our child[ren]’s love and respect for the other parent.





Add any other items regarding the child[ren] you would like to include in your Parenting Plan.  Use additional sheets, if necessary.



























q   Additional sheets are attached.





Your signature below indicates that you have read and agree with what has been decided and written in this document.


If both parents sign this document, it is called a Stipulated Parenting Plan.


If only one parent signs this document, it is called a Proposed Parenting Plan.




Petitioner:                                                                                                                              q   Respondent   q   Co-Petitioner

(Check One)





Signature                                                                                                                                           Date                            Signature                               Date



(Notarization is not required, but you may choose to have

your signatures notarized.)


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before                            SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before

me this            day of           ,                                                             me this            day of           ,

20     , by                                           .                                     20     , by                                           .




Notary Public/Court Clerk for State                                     Notary Public/Court Clerk for State

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My commission expires:                                          My commission expires:                    


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