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An “Affirmation of Engagement” must comply with the section 22 NYCRR 125.1(e)(1)  (for educational purpose only …not to be used in litigation)

An “Affirmation of Engagement” must comply with the section 22 NYCRR 125.1(e)(1), as follows: It must indicate general nature of the action in which counsel is allegedly engaged, and include probable date and time of the conclusion of the engagement.  Moreover, the affirmation must be filed with the Supreme Court together with proof of service on all parties (see 22 NYCRR 125.1[e][1]; Matter of Sutton v Mitrany, 30 AD3d 678, 679).











Defendant ,


________________________ an attorney duly licensed to practice in the Courts of the State of New York, affirms the following under the penalties of perjury:

1. I am the attorney for the Defendant, ____________, and I am making this application for an adjournment of the within matter presently scheduled for the ______________, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. in _________ Court, ____________________________________.

2. That on the aforesaid date, your Affirmant will actually be engaged in the matter of _______________, Docket No. _____ in Part 9 of the Family Court, 889 East Main Street, Riverhead, New York before Family Court Judge ___________.  This matter is a  ________ and the summations have been scheduled for ___________________.  I anticipate that my engagement shall end on or about ___________________.

WHEREFORE, is respectfully requested that the above-captioned matter be adjourned, on consent, to one of the following dates:




Dated: Westhampton, New York



Attorney for _______________

ATTORNEY ADVERTISING: Information herein and is not intended to be, legal advice. This sample legal document is provided as part of a free educational service by Zachary Irtaza Riyaz, Esq., attorney at law in the State of New York (Westhampton – Tel. 516-234-0348), for reference only. Statutes and codes such as Domestic Relations Law (DRL)are frequently amended and may affect the validity of the above legal document and no representation is made that the above sample is going to be enforceable in the future. Updated statutes and codes may be available at the New York State Legislature Website. No statute or sample legal document should be relied on without understanding controlling case law which may further interpret it. AN ATTORNEY SHOULD BE CONSULTED FOR LEGAL ADVICE.