A defendant who moves for summary judgment in a slip-and-fall case has the initial burden of demonstrating, prima facie, that it neither created the hazardous condition nor had actual or constructive notice of its existence for a sufficient length of time to discover and remedy it (see Totten v Cumberland Farms, Inc., 57 AD3d 653; Cohn v Mayfair Supermarkets, 305 AD2d 528). “Once a defendant has actual or constructive notice of a dangerous condition, the defendant has a reasonable time to undertake remedial actions that are reasonable and appropriate under all of the circumstances” (Friedman v Gannett Satellite Info. Network, 302 AD2d 491, 491-492; see Stasiak v Sears, Roebuck & Co., 281 AD2d 533; LoSquadro v Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Brooklyn, 253 AD2d 856).